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“I just received the plush today. I absolutely love it. Your work is simply exemplary and peerless. The plush is surprisingly hefty and I think you did a wonderful job bringing the character to life. Thank you so much for your skill, talent, attention to detail and overall outstanding craftsmanship. I truly do appreciate the work you put into the commission and for being so patient and understanding with my requests.” – S.

“I just received my order yesterday and it looks awesome, really well built. I was surprised how heavy it was when I took it out the box.  You are a true artist. Hope to be able to do more business in the future.
Thank you so very much” – C.

“She’s so soft and adorable, and I will love her for years to come. … You’re a true artisan.” – E.

“Well worth the wait, very much worth the price. I love her, I really do. So thank you, so much! 🙂 You are truly an artisan! ∞/10 would order all over again!” – B.

“I love my plushies so much; thank you for all the work and love you put into them. I’ve been smiling like a big dumdum ever since I got them.” – R.

“Thank you so much for plushifying all my favorite characters to love and cuddle for real. They’re all amazing and we’ll all have lots of love for years to come!” – N.

Thank you for the wonderful plush that you sent to us. It is incredibly soft and the biggest plush I have ever had. Just wanted to let you know that what you do makes a lot of people happy.” – M.

“All the detail I had asked for were addressed, and everything is perfect. Even my family thinks she’s really cool. 🙂  This purchase was probably one of the best ones I have made in my entire existence.” – N.

“I received my Sun Tan Beach Babe and I would like to say that the quality and details in her are Amazing.  She’s firm but also cuddly soft, i am extremely pleased with her.  Thank you so much for making her for me”. – W.

“I laid down with the plush and just took a small nap, and I swear, that was the most relaxing nap I’ve ever had. Once again thank you so much, she’s so wonderfully soft and cuddly Growing heart” – P.

“Just got him today!!!! and I love him. Just looking at him you can see all the hard work thats gone into him and I couldn’t have asked for a better plush.” – J.

“I freaking LOVE her. She has a way of lighting up my room and making me feel so much better. Can’t help but smile when I enter my room and see her lying in my bed. I LOVE HOW BIG SHE IS! She makes me feel like all is right in the world. ” – S.

” I am extremely pleased with the results! She’s gorgeous! I was surprised how firm she was (in a good way), and everything is beautiful down to the last detail. I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to have to get another plush made one day; your work is fantastic.” -C.

“OMG I can’t describe how happy I am to receive her in the mail today the pictures you sent me were nice but seeing her now that i have her..LOVE IT A+ work ”  – J.

” It’s evident that you really pour yourself into making all of them. I love everything about her. Her shape is perfect and her face is so beautiful. You create beautiful art.”  – P.

“I LOVE her.  You did an outstanding job with Espeon.  I think the size is perfect for hugging, and the box you have is great for storing her in.”   – F.

“I rate your responsiveness and communication as very important factors, as shortcomings can be communicated and thus addressed.”  – A.

“I received her 2 days ago and I’m really satisfied with the SPH, thanks for your great work. :)” – J.

“Oh my goodness she looks amazing she is so so cute her outfit looks great it works perfectly. Thank You so so so much” – A.

“[Plush] arrived even before the said date. Very satisfied. Can’t wait to order others. Just have to find room for them lol. Thank you So much! ” – T.

“I just want to thank you so much again for making my commission its perfect. When I took her out of the box I cried a little bit because she just feels so real now. She is just how I always drew and imagined her to be like and now she is real thanks to you.” – J.


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